Alone “Peggy Mitchells” Product Preview

Here are the details of our new Pegs….
We decided that we wanted to come up with a lightweight park and street peg. After looking at various materials available we decided on 7075-T6 aluminium. A chromoly peg would have to be wafer thin to be lightweight enough for what we were aiming for and plastic pegs just don’t seem right to us!. We had heard that some other makes of light pegs made from this material had a tendency to crack or even snap so we had to look close at the design to “beef up” the pegs in the right areas to maintain strength.

Our team rider Neil Keddie did a grand job in designing up the pegs (you can see in the design drawing below the areas with extra material). Another nice touch is the 14/10mm adaptors which come with every set. These allow you to switch pegs around to get as much grind life out of them as possible.

So, once we finalised the design we had some prototype sets made up for the team to test out… We were surprised at how fast the pegs were on rails etc and glad that the design held up great. Six months of testing later and all pegs are still in one piece! I guess over all we are pretty happy with how they turned out. (Just like other lightweight pegs on the market if you are going to do feebles up and down super rough brick ledges all day long then these are prob not for you but they hold up just fine for skatepark, street rails, “smoother” ledges etc etc…)

There you have it. Alone “Peggy Mitchells”…. The team have put some good work into these (Cheers Neil!), we hope you like them.
Sold in pairs with a set of adaptors, 100mm long, 7075-T6 Aluminium, 99grams per peg!
Available from Zeal Dealers in the UK from the end of June… find your local dealer here.