The summer is all but over sadly. Catch up with our team over on our instagram @alonebmx  the next trip will be a good one… we had better start planning.

PATT 2 Tyre

Alone BMX PATT 2 Tire

A little bit of product news today. We have been working on a new tyre due for release this autumn. It’s the successor to our PATT tyre imaginatively titled the PATT 2.
Still high pressure casing (110psi) but with a new smoother rolling tread pattern and wider size 2.40″.  Look out for these later this year. Party All The Time.


Alone BMX Tom Milham

Tom “Ribs” Milham aboard his Alone Roxbury…. getting clicked!

Alone BMX 2017

It’s almost the end on January already!!….Alone BMX is just a few months away from becoming a teenager on our upcoming 13th Birthday in June!  Lots going on here at Alone BMX HQ…. The team have all been shredding spots from Yorkshire to Sydney which you may have seen on our Instagram account “AloneBMX” and we have more new products in the works for this year. The brand new Skid Row U brake, Danger Cranks and improved inner tubes are already rocking on all good BMX bikes right now. Get your Roxbury on!!

We encourage you to please support your local BMX friendly bike shop as they support your scene. Cheers!!!

Happy 2017!!! Alone BMX

Skid Row U Brake

Here is one that a few of our team guys have been rocking for a while now…. Our new “Skid Row” U Brake is now available!  Here are the specs:
6061 Aluminium Arms,
Designed for less flex and more braking power,
Low profile spring and adjusters for better chain clearance on chain stay set-ups,
Machined Aluminium Alone straddle cable hanger.
Suitable for both front or rear use.
Straddle cable and knarp included.

Get your Skid on!

So what’s new?

Although we’re in a world where website updates are dictated by social media links it’s been a while so we should really let you know what we have been up to!
Team wise Ribs and Callum have been getting about lately….

Ribs riding street around London and at the recent Boardmasters Festival with our boss man Hitcher (no photos appeared online of a nose pick on the Boardmasters ramp from him which is staggering!). Although, if you see Ribs hitting the streets up town around London say hello to the salty old dog.

Sean has been ripping down under riding in the Sydney area by the looks of it living the life down there!

Callum had a run at the recent NASS festival despite no practice!! but the lad has been busy ramp bulinding and having fun at Corby skate park of late. As you can see from his instagram posts:

Lastly, product wise or products are out there too!… The Roxbury frames and Sean Pointing Signature V2 SPorks forks have been particularly strong!.. on a par with anything out there!. The investment cast dropouts making the fork so strong. These things don’t fail. Good to put your trust in. Check out the product range here:
We have been working on a new U Brake called the “Skid Row” brake… this will be out later this year too. Something a bit different considering most are brakeless these days but we’re working on some cool new brakeless style stuff too.

That’s it for now!… Follow us on all the social media to keep up!
Cheers! @AloneBMX

Rom Jam

The annual Rom Jam went down this past weekend… Our man Tom “Ribs” Milham was there along with our boss James Hitchcox. Ribs was sending some big airs and clicking turndowns with a hangover like a trooper and has a few clips in this Ride BMX UK edit of the day. Always an honour for us to support this event at a historic location again this year. Hopefully we are planning a team get together soon before summer is out so we can have a pedal, a beer and talk shit as always.

In product news our new shipment is due in any day now!… so hit up your local shop that supports BMX to get some of our newness for your ride. Support the shops and brands that support your scene.