Jun 29 2014

Fun Sponge Tour Edit

Last month the team hit the roads of Europe taking in Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Filmed by James Appleton and edited by Sean Pointing. Enjoy the Fun Sponge Tour!!


Dec 31 2013

Juanka Garcia – Soud BMX

Check this edit from Juanka Garcia doing it for our Spanish distributor Soud BMX. Can’t wait to get back out to Spain this year with the whole Alone team for another 8 days of hate 2014 style.

Oct 28 2013

Zeal Ghetto Front Yard Jam

A few weeks back we hosted the first Zeal Ghetto Jam at the Zeal BMX Distribution warehouse in West Yorkshire. It was a crazy amount of work, but a lot of fun too!.. The kind of Jams which need to happen more in BMX if you ask me. Check out the edit our team rider Sean Pointing put together to see what went down. Music by our friends The Lagan.

Sep 16 2013

You Slag Tour Edit

This edit was an exclusive that featured on our DVD release a few months back. Well, it’s now online for everyone to enjoy. Featuring our team road trip to a jam in France. Then afterwards Sean, Sam, Hitcher, Big Money and our friend Ky Sproll spent a week on the road in Germany and this was the result.

Aug 17 2013

Day Down South

A few weeks ago we had a weekend down south for a pedal and a party with some of the team and friends.. check the edit.
Featuring; Tom Milham, Sean Pointing, Sam Collisson, James Hitchcox, Big Money and a few awesome folks who joined us. Good times.

Jul 8 2013

BMX Union DVD Review

Get on over to the BMX Union website to read a review of our new DVD (link here). Then head down to your local bike shop and grab a FREE copy for yourself!!

Jun 19 2013

Chris Nunn – Leftovers

Here are some clips Chris had kicking about he put together – “A few clips i found on my computer from iPhone mostly. Some good memories to go with these clips. Enjoy!”

Jun 13 2013

DVD Premier This Weekend – London

If you are near London this Saturday night you can pop along to our DVD premier!!

At the Sanctum Soho Hotel (W1b 5NF) and will be on at 7.30pm. Join us for drinks in Soho after if you’re brave enough. See you there!!

Jun 12 2013

Sam and Mike

Check this fun edit from Little Mike…”AloneBMX Rider Sam Collisson and Michael Loekito spent the weekend getting some riding done and this was what they came up with! Loads of solid riding and fun”

Jun 11 2013

Tom Milham Edit

Tom was added to our team a little while back and has recently been getting clips around the South East.
Keeping it FTL!. Thanks to James Appleton for putting together the edit.