Nov 27 2014

Kelvin Waterman Welcome To The Team



In case you missed this the other day on our social media we are stoked to have Kelvin Waterman as part of our team! Look for more from him and the rest of the guys soon!!

Nov 13 2014

Sean Pointing Bike Check

From our UK distro Zeal BMX distribution…. check out Sean’s new ride.

May 13 2014


So the Fun sponge tour is done…. we rode some amazing places, had the van broken into and managed to have a good laugh. Look out for the full edit soon!! Tom Milham sending a rail on the trip above. Check out some photos from the trip on instagram @alonebmx #funspongetour.

Mar 19 2014

New Alone Products for 2014

We’ve been working on some new stuff for 2014 and now some of it will be available soon!!… The image above is our new “Big Dick” seat and seat post on our team rider Sam Collisson’s bike. He was keen to test these out as he is a rider who has found the BMX switch from rail to pivotal difficult (he has a fat ass and ball ride’s out a lot…haha). We are happy to report he believes this new Alone tripod seat set up to be really strong and a great addition to our range. We also have the new Emergency Bar out soon. At 9.99″ rise these things are HUGE! still 12 deg back, 2 deg up and feel good. Despite their size we’ve seen them slung/spun plenty of times by our local shredder Tom Cheeseman … Lots of good stuff!! ¬† Now spring is here we can’t wait to get out on road with the team and hit up some spots. Let the salt spread Milham!!… haha

Mar 4 2014

New Updates… Soon!

So yeah… the updates have been a bit thin on the ground on here of late. That doesn’t mean we’ve not been up to anything!

Team wise all the lads have been shredding (as much as winter will allow) and we’re all off to Sweden in May for our next edit trip. This time we’ll be facing some crazy set challenges too in our take on the magazine style challenge edit videos . More news on that soon.

Our new range of products for Spring 2014 will be here soon too!… So keep with us for our updates on that.
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2004 – 2014
10 years of Alone BMX… ¬†thanks for your support. More to come.

Dec 31 2013

Juanka Garcia – Soud BMX

Check this edit from Juanka Garcia doing it for our Spanish distributor Soud BMX. Can’t wait to get back out to Spain this year with the whole Alone team for another 8 days of hate 2014 style.

Sep 16 2013

You Slag Tour Edit

This edit was an exclusive that featured on our DVD release a few months back. Well, it’s now online for everyone to enjoy. Featuring our team road trip to a jam in France. Then afterwards Sean, Sam, Hitcher, Big Money and our friend Ky Sproll spent a week on the road in Germany and this was the result.

Aug 17 2013

Day Down South

A few weeks ago we had a weekend down south for a pedal and a party with some of the team and friends.. check the edit.
Featuring; Tom Milham, Sean Pointing, Sam Collisson, James Hitchcox, Big Money and a few awesome folks who joined us. Good times.

Jul 8 2013

BMX Union DVD Review

Get on over to the BMX Union website to read a review of our new DVD (link here). Then head down to your local bike shop and grab a FREE copy for yourself!!

Jun 19 2013

Chris Nunn – Leftovers

Here are some clips Chris had kicking about he put together – “A few clips i found on my computer from iPhone mostly. Some good memories to go with these clips. Enjoy!”