Time at the bar!

What a ride it’s been!!…. 15 Years of Alone BMX.. Now we’re calling time.

The end my friend, the end?

The real reason we’re putting AloneBMX on ice might be because that as BMXers despite middle age we want to concentrate on our Olympic Game qualifiers… that or the annoying ledge down the road.

The official reason is the following:

After much deliberation Zeal BMX Distribution will close it’s doors on 1st September 2019. So dealers are invited to please check our B2B website, grab some bargains and fill your boots while our big trade sale is on!!

As a rider owned company this was a gut wrenching decision to make. However, as a business we cannot ignore the down turn the BMX industry has taken in the last few years. After seeing many brands, dealers and companies come and go over our last 12 years (nearly 17 years if you include our predecessor “Padded Cell Ltd” which we started this company off the back of in 2007 when it’s parent company folded). That down turn, along with a major change in the traditional brand-distributor-retailer supply chain frame work to a more direct internet age where brands supply direct to the end user set-up has hit us hard.

We have taken the decision to close Zeal BMX Distribution on 1st Sept 2019 in a comfortable way in line with our company financial year end. We’ll be in the fortunate position not to be ending due to any financial issues, disruption or anything of that nature. 

Thanks for your support!. You’ve all been great over our 12 years in business….. Work is almost done.. Lets Ride!!

So many stories and good times over 15 years…. is this the end?

Who knows.