Alone Team Straight Out Kills It!

Top pic is Ribs giving a full “turn down for what” on an evening pedal after a days graft…. waaaayyyyy past clicked!! So good. Check our instagram to see the video. Elsewhere, Callum won open park at the recent NASS festival and became more famous than RUN DMC. The boys are shredding right now. Hope you’re all enjoying the UK summer dry spell for riding, partying and having fun!.. Oh, there’s more to come!! Yo.

Alone BMX

Need New Stuff?

Alone BMX Shop

If you’re an unfortunate soul who does not have one our awesome dealers close to you then you can now get our products on the line. Contact Zeal BMX Distribution if you need a hand finding your local BMX friendly bike shop… or have your local shop ask Zeal about stocking our products. Thanks!

Shredding into 2018

It’s 2018!!. The new PATT2 tyre and Skull Pivotal Seat are now out there at all good UK bike shops along with our other awesomeness! Support local scene shops. The team is all over the place and killing it harder than Ribs spitting lyrics in his work van! Look out for more new stuff this year!… It’s gonna be awesome.

PATT2 Tyre is here!

AloneBMX PATT2 Tyre

It’s here!… the PATT2 Tyre is available from all decent UK Bike shops.
Alone BMX Re-enforced the design upto 110psi (not your standard factory type)
20″ x 2.4″ size
front or rear – fats all round
Black only
Party All The Time 2!!!
Tested by team rider Callum Woodland.
RRP £17.99

Skull Cushdy

New “Skull Cushdy” pivotal seat. Same classic shape as the Cushdy seat with new three panel cover. Coming later this year along with our all new PATT 2 tyres.


The summer is all but over sadly. Catch up with our team over on our instagram @alonebmx  the next trip will be a good one… we had better start planning.

Hitch Forks & Emergency Bars are back!

Hitch forks and Emergency bars are back by popular demand!!… Check your local BMX friendly bike shop to get yours now. Emergency bar specs above and Hitch Forks share the same specification as V2 Spork forks (also available) but with welded brake lugs.

V2 Spork fork Specs:

PATT 2 Tyre

Alone BMX PATT 2 Tire

A little bit of product news today. We have been working on a new tyre due for release this autumn. It’s the successor to our PATT tyre imaginatively titled the PATT 2.
Still high pressure casing (110psi) but with a new smoother rolling tread pattern and wider size 2.40″.  Look out for these later this year. Party All The Time.